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 [Official] Book 1 Story Of Ushinau

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PostSubject: [Official] Book 1 Story Of Ushinau   Sun Oct 26, 2008 10:00 am

Book 1

The Story Of Ushinau

Ushinau The Dofus of Astrub

Hi let me introduse my self, i am Ushinau Xabuzas a powerfull mage who knows his ways... anyways i am the leader of a guild named after me, ofcurse i made it HA i wasted Kamas, so anyoing. Anyway let me tell you the reason why im telling you all this, now you see i'm very busy so i wont have time to tell you the rest... Oh yeah there is one more thing. there is a secret code here so find IT!

Chapter 1 The Astrub Zaap

One morning Ushinau came out of bed and saw something out side. Ushinau mumbled to him self " God what is that?" he turned around and saw his friend Kahu. Kahu said " come, come quickly" Ushinau said why? why, whats going on? Kahu said the world, thats what so Ushinau and Kahu went to astrub zaap to see whats going on. After they got there the leader of Astrub was looking at the zaap. Ushinau startled Jack, Jack turned round and said hay why did you do that for Ushinau said well for one thing we dont know whats going on and second we need you.

Chapter 2 Ushinau's destany

Jack was startled by Ushinau's apreance but he needed to help so Jack,Kahu & Ushinau set of for a world. but he had to stop of at his old masters house he was a bit crazy but Ushinau had to go there to collect his degree in mageynassives. when Ushinau got there he found some brakmarian gurads there they told Ushinau to turn back but, Ushinau didnt he went in the lord of Brakmarian told Ushinau he had to make a choice he told Ushianu you have 3 choiceses 1 you leave now and your life will be speared same or Astrub or 2 take your master and i burn Astrub and your life or 3 youlle complete this quest make up your mind boy.

Chapter 3 The death of kipi

Ushinau had no other choice but to save his master so Ushinau said " take me instead" the lord of brak said " very well boy ". Kipi came in and kicked the lord of brak out of the way, Ushianu said " Kipi what are you doing here " Kipi said "saving you thats what"
Jack pulled out his sword and starte to attack the lord of brak when a massive bang happend. King-Kipiy apread. Ushinau said "Kipiy what the hell are you doing here" King Kipiy said Saving you so shush" Kipi started to attack the lord of brak when the lord of brak killed Kipi he used a sword to kill him.
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[Official] Book 1 Story Of Ushinau
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